Who I am

Hi! I am Joseph!

I’m a software engineering student and web developer.

I started in 2005 at the age of 15 as a widget developer and forum moderator for an online community that creates customized profile page layouts for various social networks. We used XSS as leverage and developed widgets like “Who Viewed Me”, “Chat Boxes” and more.

This time I hang out at several StackExchange sites, answering questions most especially in StackOverflow and CodeReview. I also do consultations for web development, techniques, design and other related topics.

I have a blog which talks about things like programming tips and tricks or some random experience. I submit a demos to Mozilla Demo Studio and will be doing more in my free time. I also have a GitHub repo containing all of my opensource projects and contributions.

And as always, I tell my friends: I’m not an expert. I just read a lot.